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Track & Trace Tools is the most popular free cannabis track and trace software for Metrc - no demo required.

Licenses using Track & Trace Tools
Total value of plants harvested using Track & Trace Tools
States with businesses using Track & Trace Tools
2+ hours
Average time saved per day using Track & Trace Tools
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"Amazing tool - other similar tools will charge thousands of dollars for what this can do. Developers are amazing people who deserve as much love as you can give them."
"The best thing available for free to help workflows in METRC. The developer is a saint."
"Great tool that is very productive. Updates are quick, and suggestions are acted on fast."
Introducing T3+
Maximize your Metrc potential.
What is T3+?
T3+ is a suite of advanced analytics tools designed to help you maximize the potential of Metrc. With T3+, you can now take your data-driven decision-making to the next level and gain deep insights into your Metrc data.
How is T3+ different?
T3+ is the paid version of Track & Trace Tools. The open source version will be free to the cannabis community forever.
What you get with T3+:
  • Advanced snapshots such as Outgoing Transfer Manifests, Straggler Inventory, Harvested Plants, and Quickviews
  • Package history explorer which allows you to explore the entire tree of source and child packages.
  • Early access to all new and experimental Track & Trace Tools and T3+ features
  • Priority support for all Track & Trace Tools features
  • Tooling customization for Track & Trace Tools
  • Supports the open source project. Track & Trace Tools will be free for the cannabis community forever.
per Metrc user
Discounted pricing is available for multiple users.
Capture all your Metrc data in Google Sheets. All your data stays secure & private.
What is Track & Trace Tools?
Track & Trace Tools (TTT) is an open source Chrome extension that integrates with Metrc to add extra features. It is not affiliated with Metrc.

How do I get Track & Trace Tools?
There are several ways of installing Track & Trace Tools:

How do I get in contact?
Feel free to reach out at [email protected].

What is T3+?
T3+ is a suite of advanced analytics tools designed to help you maximize the potential of Metrc. Learn more.

What does "open source" mean?
The Track & Trace Tools source code is publicly available here. It is released under the MIT license.

What does the MIT license mean?
You can read the MIT license here. Some things to note:
  • Track & Trace Tools has no warranty of any kind.
  • Track & Trace Tools is provided as-is. The author cannot be held liable for the software, use at your own risk.

Where should I ask questions?
Questions, bug reports, and feature requests should be posted in the Track & Trace Tools Forum.
Save hours every day by adding custom features to Track & Trace Tools.
Custom features that exactly match your compliance workflow can be developed and privately deployed to your team.
  • Attaching metadata to packages
  • Tracking COGS
  • Customizations to package and transfer interfaces
  • Transfer notifications
  • Enhanced package search
  • Google Sheets integration
Custom features start at $500. Estimates will vary with scope, complexity, and requirements.