Scan, search, and save Metrc tags.Use your own devices. No subscription required.
PureLeaf Pioneers Inc.
Unlock your Metrc data
OpenTag is a mobile app with a suite of tools built around scanning Metrc tags. Scan a tag, look up its data, save it to a tag list, or send it to the Track & Trace Tools extension.
Free and open
OpenTag is an open-source platform with no subscription fee for the base product. No signup required - use your existing Metrc account.
No-fee RFID
Other RFID platforms charge a hefty subscription fee and thousands of dollars for locked-in RFID scanners. OpenTag's RFID scanning is built to support the very affordable Chainway C72 RFID scanner.
Bring your own devices
Scan with your browser, with the app, or with dedicated RFID hardware. OpenTag is availble for iOS, Android, desktop and mobile web, and dedicated RFID scanners.
Never sync again
Unlike other seed-to-sale consulting, OpenTag does not need to sync your data. No API keys needed.
Compatible with
Track & Trace Tools
Tags scanned with OpenTag can be saved and accessed from the Track & Trace Tools extension.