What is Track & Trace Tools?
Track & Trace Tools (TTT) is an open source Chrome extension that integrates with Metrc to add extra features. It is not affiliated with Metrc.

How do I get Track & Trace Tools?
There are several ways of installing Track & Trace Tools:

How do I request a custom feature?
If you would like a custom feature made for your company, send an email.

What does "open source" mean?
The Track & Trace Tools source code is publicly available here. It is released under the MIT license.

What does the MIT license mean?
You can read the MIT license here. Some things to note:
  • Track & Trace Tools has no warranty of any kind.
  • Track & Trace Tools is provided as-is. The author cannot be held liable for the software, use at your own risk.

Where should I ask questions?
Questions, bug reports, and feature requests should be posted in the Track & Trace Tools Forum.