What is Track & Trace Tools?
Track & Trace Tools (TTT) is an open source Chrome extension that integrates with Metrc to add extra features. It is not affiliated with Metrc.

How do I get Track & Trace Tools?
There are several ways of installing Track & Trace Tools:

How do I get in contact?
Feel free to reach out at [email protected].

What is T3+?
T3+ is a suite of advanced tools designed to supercharge your compliance team and provide business intelligence that can't be accessed anywhere else. Learn more.

What does "open source" mean?
The Track & Trace Tools source code is publicly available here. It is released under the GPL-3 license.

What does the GPL-3 license mean?
You can read the GPL-3 license here. Some things to note:
  • Track & Trace Tools has no warranty of any kind.
  • Track & Trace Tools has a Limitation of Liability. The author cannot be held liable for the software, use at your own risk.

Where should I ask questions?
Questions, bug reports, and feature requests should be posted in the Track & Trace Tools Forum.